Ragdoll physics game

In this unity project I started working on an extremely basic AI and ragdolls.

To make my ragdolls, I created many different capsules and joined them together using character joints, which can be adjusted so you can decide what bounds they should have. This proved very useful. I then put an invisible and uncollidable cone in front of them. Rather than triggering a physics collision, they would trigger something in my code. The cone rotates with their head to provide accurate vision.

Then I used the cones to target the torso object the was currently inside this ragdoll’s cone. They remember the position of said torso and basically just fly towards it. When two torsos collide, the one that is currently being targetted is removed from the arena, leaving one ragdoll victorious.

To top it off, I added a basic UI so you can track players and standard camera movement and made the walls shrink. It is surprisingly fun to watch!

A clip of the action

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