This project was a little different from the others – I made this one for Oculus Quest 2.

Checking Dave is ok

In this project, I was looking for a basic project to see what the quest 2 was capable of. I registered and downloaded the oculus unity package (this tutorial by Dilmer Valecillos was very helpful), and started work. I used one of the example scenes to help.

After grabbing a chicken model from the web, I put it into the game and made it so they could walk around randomly on a plane. I did this by giving them a target position which they point to and drift towards. When they reach said position, they delay for a random amount of time and then pick a new target position.

Next, I made it so they fall over on collision with another chicken and added a grabber script to the hands and to the chickens. I also added a boundary around the plane so the chickens couldn’t be thrown off, which I scrapped as it was way too much fun to do so. Other additions included guns to make the chickens temporarily float.

Bob feeling sorry for himself

I decided the game was still missing something – eggs, so I made it that they could lay eggs at random intervals. After putting them in the incubator for 10 seconds, a baby would hatch and grow to full size.

Paul has laid an egg!
Waiting for our egg to hatch
A hungry, baby Percival

To top it off, I added chicken huts for each of them, food, and the ability for them to become ill (curable with some medicine)

Percival is ready for a snack

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